What is an Audio Chronicle?


An Audio Chronicle is the story of your life, told through interviews with you and selected friends and family. A series of interviews with you and a selection of your family, friends and colleagues will create an intimate audio portrait of the life experiences that made you who you are. 

Lauren wanted to tell the story of her father, Robert. We met with Robert five times. We met with his wife, his two kids (including Lauren), his older brother, four of his oldest friends, and his secretary.

We recorded 15 hours of tape. We even visited the Stock Exchange floor where Robert used to work in his 20s, and we incorporated audio contributed by the family.

The end product was two hours of produced audio storytelling.

Listen below for samples:

Jesse wanted to preserve the stories of his mother, Joann. He wanted to focus on her life growing up and in the early years of his life. We met with Joann on five separate occasions, along with her husband, ex-husband, her two oldest friends and of course, her son, Jesse.


Since every life is different, every Audio Chronicle is different. We will collaborate with you to identify the dynamic characters and stories from your life.